Taste Strength 

Insufferable silence, the kind that clouds your ears

Brings pulse to the surface, floods the drums,

Static crackles in the clear.

Initial calculations, rudimentary predictions,

A tiny peak behind the curtain.
Complementary forces fight foe and foul.

Dismiss burning wounds as acts of valor.

The deafening screams, the horrendous pleasure.

Submit by force. Taste the power.


Ocean Beach, San Fransisco. 

I spoke to the sapphire hues And that little tint of amber, listened 

To the golden streaks of dawn. 
What else is there but a crumbling wall

No blood, no scars, just the dusty screams

Of surf and stone clashing and dividing
Sending sparks of jagged mist 

Sandy wind whipping wisps of 

Salt, scrubbing away shadows 
Lightness follows. 


Rage Against Desire 

God is a woman in control

With eyes of ice and lips of fire
Commanding grace sends a pulse

Of aching and over reaching desire

Delicate wrists dictate an obliging fury

War is declared when truth is perverted

And with her distaste comes a sense of duty.
God is a woman in control

With lies of vice and tricks that inspire.