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Taste Strength 

Insufferable silence, the kind that clouds your ears

Brings pulse to the surface, floods the drums,

Static crackles in the clear.

Initial calculations, rudimentary predictions,

A tiny peak behind the curtain.
Complementary forces fight foe and foul.

Dismiss burning wounds as acts of valor.

The deafening screams, the horrendous pleasure.

Submit by force. Taste the power.


Reevaluate the Execution

Considering a humble life
Of duty and lust
Of a wonder that pulls

My hair, whispers past my ears. 
Windows can’t be closed,
Forced to embrace the

Brillant scattered light
In a fit of naivety I take 
Leaps across universal

Lines of time and 
I hold my breath
Until I break the surface,

Gasping, I follow the signs.   


Can’t Write

When I try to write you lettersI get distracted by poems

I lost track of time since the acid burn

And thoughts seem to weave 

With autonomy. 
I remind myself to care about the 

Indifferent Other, the spiritual father

Who still disappoints. 
But you have a light that glows. 

And in a constant hurry I strive,

To know what turns you inside out. 
If I forget to tell you, please know

This love is not just for you

But for you, I will let it grow