Taste Strength 

Insufferable silence, the kind that clouds your ears

Brings pulse to the surface, floods the drums,

Static crackles in the clear.

Initial calculations, rudimentary predictions,

A tiny peak behind the curtain.
Complementary forces fight foe and foul.

Dismiss burning wounds as acts of valor.

The deafening screams, the horrendous pleasure.

Submit by force. Taste the power.


I don’t need air 

If I fall into your arms

I might never resurface, 

(I don’t need air)

I might drown in delight, 

I might not put up a fight. 

If I run through your eyes 

I know I’ll find something. 

I know I’ll see truth. 

I know I’ll feel pain. 

(Pain I can bare). 

If your mouth touches mine

You’ll feel my fire, 

(And I’ll melt your stone)

You’ll hear my secrets

(While I keep yours)

You’ll catch my breath

(I don’t need air)


Can’t Write

When I try to write you lettersI get distracted by poems

I lost track of time since the acid burn

And thoughts seem to weave 

With autonomy. 
I remind myself to care about the 

Indifferent Other, the spiritual father

Who still disappoints. 
But you have a light that glows. 

And in a constant hurry I strive,

To know what turns you inside out. 
If I forget to tell you, please know

This love is not just for you

But for you, I will let it grow


Hey Fuckface

Hey fuckface (she says lovingly)Are you going to combine forces

And finally fuck with me 

She says: (only jokingly),
Without a tremble you can kiss me. 

If you don’t let yourself get bored;

I’ll keep you on the tippiest of toes. 
You know, I forget-

The last time I had faith in

Anything but the present. 
And each and every minute seems

To torment my very existence. A need

To love with freedom, individuality,
And softness hidden, mildly.

I am your equal, so you know the dangers

Hurt me, please, and I’ll return the favour. 


Forcing Connections 

These ideas seduce me intoBelieve my own lies, despite

Knowing my line can be crossed

Undoubtedly I toe deeper

Further down, I know my limitation

My consideration for the sake of

Staying while I truly wish to

Taste you honestly, I try to 

Devour these images I’ve been watching,

Years of knowing, you without

Feeling deeply, your strength

Your fragrance floats into a spotless

Sky, I sit and wait for the sun to rise

To be free of this hold on me

My need to taste, to at least

To try


The Grinch

I feel bad for the grinch whose heart proceeds to 

Swell with mass, enlarged

With feelings of compassion

How painful it must have been

For the heart to remember 

How to love once again 
The pressure from expansion

Tests the limit of this muscle cavity 

Caged in, senselessly beating 

Flesh hot in the searing pain

Of unintentional empathy
 Now I must feel for two, you

And the one who might hurt you

It’s the beginning again 

Which only means this will too

Tragically end. 


Upon Encountering a Scorpio

​A mothers true daughter, an heiress

Of maternal flame, she flickers and devours-

Until the water, scortching earth to the

Border – she licks the coast, bubbles the

Ocean, cooking the soup of natures womb. 
Her breath, a hot alchemy charged with

Paternal tribe, she survives like a warrior

While mystifying the superior, maintaining the dance between warmth and death. With a spinal quiver she tickles in waves.