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I don’t need air 

If I fall into your arms

I might never resurface, 

(I don’t need air)

I might drown in delight, 

I might not put up a fight. 

If I run through your eyes 

I know I’ll find something. 

I know I’ll see truth. 

I know I’ll feel pain. 

(Pain I can bare). 

If your mouth touches mine

You’ll feel my fire, 

(And I’ll melt your stone)

You’ll hear my secrets

(While I keep yours)

You’ll catch my breath

(I don’t need air)


The Tides of Eyes. 

I miss the ocean.

How it crashes.

How it storms and waves

Persuades stone to ashes.
Dark moon eclipsing the sea,

A sacrilegious profundity;

Might mirrors mightier.

Grasping and piercing.
Light escapes the shadows,

Illumination whispering.

The sweet marine glows,

Enticing a mystery.
To be tossed, surrendered,

To the muscle of the inky

Infinity, swallowed into a bliss.

Returned washed of impurity.