Consistent Eluding 

Whatever is consistent eludes me

The simple orchestra of stars deludes me 

I fight and run and feel so far

But the night fall and I call no one 

In a nest of dreams and blues

I hum and scream and call for you

A simple feeling, a call to action. 

I fought the war, I was called to battle 

But I never relied on my first reaction. 

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The Lotus and the Butterfly

The lotus and the butterfly,
Two friends of spirit, and mind. 
Blossoming from the murky depths,
An oasis of peace breaks through
Cloudy waters, visibility means nothing
When roots sink teeth in to stretch,
Up into the glossy light, you open,

To provide structure for the 
Flutter of the equally as colourful,
Bold, and transformative butterfly. 
Unreal beauty curated in the solitary. 
Confined, reflecting what is inside. 
She flies chaotically adhering 
To plans of synchronicity. 
Embraced in the petals of a familiarity, 
Flesh, wing, and leaf- at peace. Unity. 


Such Sun

Telle importance,

Your sun, your glaze of gold. 

Touching me most secretly, deeply

So that I glow on my own. 
Tel éclat,

A harnessing force inspired you. 

And so, you came to me

Fusing with intention, ecstatically. 
Telle ouverture,

My sun, how swollen and divine

Spilling through seams, sharing the

Fruit and love of being.