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Taste Strength 

Insufferable silence, the kind that clouds your ears

Brings pulse to the surface, floods the drums,

Static crackles in the clear.

Initial calculations, rudimentary predictions,

A tiny peak behind the curtain.
Complementary forces fight foe and foul.

Dismiss burning wounds as acts of valor.

The deafening screams, the horrendous pleasure.

Submit by force. Taste the power.


Foggy Fantasies 

What did I do to hurt you

For you to hide away

Depriving me from the only thing

I need, your warmth, I need 

that invisible heat
The fusion of our chemistry 

I take in your light and it darkens me

And I reflect enthusiastically. 

But you’re foggy and sheltered. 

And you hold back, so cruel
Do you want to watch me whither?

You love seeing me die of thirst. 

My skin is hallow and pallid and 

You’re refusing to glow. 



Hey Fuckface

Hey fuckface (she says lovingly)Are you going to combine forces

And finally fuck with me 

She says: (only jokingly),
Without a tremble you can kiss me. 

If you don’t let yourself get bored;

I’ll keep you on the tippiest of toes. 
You know, I forget-

The last time I had faith in

Anything but the present. 
And each and every minute seems

To torment my very existence. A need

To love with freedom, individuality,
And softness hidden, mildly.

I am your equal, so you know the dangers

Hurt me, please, and I’ll return the favour.