Foggy Fantasies 

What did I do to hurt you

For you to hide away

Depriving me from the only thing

I need, your warmth, I need 

that invisible heat
The fusion of our chemistry 

I take in your light and it darkens me

And I reflect enthusiastically. 

But you’re foggy and sheltered. 

And you hold back, so cruel
Do you want to watch me whither?

You love seeing me die of thirst. 

My skin is hallow and pallid and 

You’re refusing to glow. 



The Tides of Eyes. 

I miss the ocean.

How it crashes.

How it storms and waves

Persuades stone to ashes.
Dark moon eclipsing the sea,

A sacrilegious profundity;

Might mirrors mightier.

Grasping and piercing.
Light escapes the shadows,

Illumination whispering.

The sweet marine glows,

Enticing a mystery.
To be tossed, surrendered,

To the muscle of the inky

Infinity, swallowed into a bliss.

Returned washed of impurity.


Consistent Eluding 

Whatever is consistent eludes me

The simple orchestra of stars deludes me 

I fight and run and feel so far

But the night fall and I call no one 

In a nest of dreams and blues

I hum and scream and call for you

A simple feeling, a call to action. 

I fought the war, I was called to battle 

But I never relied on my first reaction.