West Coast Teachings

I clumsily fell into

The lap of bounty,

The silk of opportunity,

An advantage to hold. 

I escaped the warden

Of my creativity,

My incessant intensity,

My hard core soul.  

I flew to the land

Of milk and honey,

Of avocados and gold,

Of pretty blue eyed boys,

That loved to tell me no. 

In a hurry I ran,

Up steep scary hills

Through gardens of eucalyptus 

Where bears love to roam. 

The ocean warned me

Of of the power of the west,

Of a second disappointment,

But I failed to listen. 

I demanded the world to accommodate 

For my lustful adventures,

My forceful intentions,

My selfish need for more. 

And anger rises as I declined

To capture what I crave,

To seduce the internal rave,

To convince a free spirit,

That there is more to know. 

And yet I fail, as usual, to

Incite a mutual drive,

Inspire a passionate mind,

To clear the space and time. 

But I learn, very quickly,

Not to hold a grudge,

And not to cry out loud. 

Because I am a rule,

That cannot be broken,

I am no exception. 

I am the binding between 

Heart and mind,

Gut and soul,

You couldn’t swallow me whole. 


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